Boost your score to 8 band when you use idioms.
Against the clock – do something as fast as possible and try to finish it before a certain time.
==>With her research paper due on next Friday, she was racing against the clock to finish it.
On cloud nine – very happy; deliriously happy
==>She just bought her first new house and she’s on cloud nine.
Bushed – tired.
==>I am totally bushed after staying up so late this week.
Hard feelings – the emotion of being upset or offended.
==>I am sorry I have to fire you. No hard feelings, okay?
Hit the hay – go to bed
==> It’s after 1 o’clock. I think it’s time to hit the hay.
(come) rain or shine – means something will happen regardless of weather or other difficulties.
==>I will be on time for that meeting, rain or shine.
Be all ears – eager and ready to listen
==>I’m all ears, excited to hear your adventure.
In the nick of time – not too late, but very close
==>I got this new job in the nick of time, as I need to support my sister going off for college.
Fresh/clean out of something – have sold or used up the last of something
==>I have to go buy some more bread. It seems we’re fresh out now.
Have/get mixed feelings about something – to be uncertain about something
==> I have mixed feelings about my trip to South Africa. I love the people, but I am not too keen with the climate.
In deep water – in difficulty; in trouble or in a dangerous situation
==>He has not submitted his work proposal so he’s in deep water.
Next to nothing – to cost very little
==>I went to the new thrift store and bought these new shoes for only five dollars. That’s next to nothing!
To be up in arms about something – upset or angry about something.
==> She has been UP IN ARMS about the rent and utility bill increase.
Put yourself in somebody’s shoes – imagine that you are in somebody’s position in order to understant his/her feelings
==> If you put yourself in my shoes, you would understand why I made that decision.
At all costs – do everything you can to achieve/succeed something
==> My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and I will work hard for it AT ALL COSTS.
Explore all avenues – investigate every possible means to find a solution to a given problem or to achieve a desired outcome.
= We need to EXPLORE ALL AVENUES before doing something that is not very safe to a great number of people in order to minimize unfavourable consequences
Throw in the towel – Give up on something
==>I’ve spent too much time on this dead-end project, it’s time to throw in the towel now.
Down to earth – practical and realistic; Back to reality
==> It’s time we were brought down to earth to figure out difficult situation, and offer a good solution.
Full of beans – A person who is lively, active and healthy.
==> I really enjoy being with my childhood friend because he is always full of beans.
Get a head start – Start before all others.
==>This year we’ll get a head start on the competition by running more strategic marketing.
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